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Hygiene is a must in the hospitality industry as well as hospitals. Without the proper laundry equipment this cannot be guaranteed. CTS has more then 25 years of experience in this field with a wide range of products suited to your requirements.

We have specialized in the design, supply and installation of all sorts of industrial laundry solutions. Be it from small guest house laundries to high volume industrial or clinical requirements. We surpass your expectations. 

Laundry Categories

Washing Machines

Washing machines form the backbone of the hospitality industry as well hospitals. Without clean linen germs can spread easily. With our team of experienced sales technicians and technicians, we design a solution that is both cost-effective and long lasting.

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Tumble Dryer

The Namibian sun is harsh with a high concentration of UV light. Hanging washing on a washing line tin the Namibian sun increases wear and tear considerably. Tumble dryers from CTS are the solution.

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Roller Ironers

Ironing large linen or table cloth by hand is cumbersome and time consuming.

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Side Pannel

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