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Solar Energy is a source of abundant energy that is available free of charge on a daily basis. We just need to harvest it. Our solutions are guaranteed to be hassle free, low on maintenance and with a long life-expectancy.

Solar Categories

PV Modules

PV modules are the heart of any solar electric system. They convert the visible sunlight into electrical energy.

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Inverter converter DC energy obtained from PV modules or batteries into AC energy that normal household equipment uses. High efficiency inverters are a must to efficiently convert the limited available energy form DC to AC.

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Batteries are used to store energy for night time usage. Different battery technologies are available on the market with a large variety of application. Lithium is one of these technologies which is rapidly expanding the footprint worldwide.

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Solar Home Systems

Pre-assembled solar home systems for every day use

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Accessories such as remote monitoring devices or system displays are available from us for all our products we supply in the solar sector be it SMA, Victron, Fronius or Phocos.

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