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Hot Water

CTS has specialized in the design, supply and installation of advanced hot water system across the country. Our focus lies on large scale hot water solutions of which a few are listed below.

Hot Water Projects

Supply and Installation of a Hot Water Plant at Ongwediva Meat Processing Facitly

Ministry of Agriculture


A modern hot water plant was installed based on heat pump technology. Stiebel Eltron storage tanks as well as heat pumps are supplied that are extremely energy efficient and long life expectancy while at the same time low on maintenance. Further energy savings are achieved as the system is connected to heat recovery units as part of the refrigeration plant.

The challenge of such a system is to guarantee even loading and unloading of the tanks with water to guarantee a uniform temperature distribution in all tanks. This has been achieved by careful piping planing based on the Tichelmann principal.

The system comprises of the following:

  • 6x 1000 L buffer tanks
  • 2x 23kW heat pump units.
  • various pumps and control unit

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Design, Supply and Install of a new Hot Water System for Lüderitz Nest Hotel

Lüderitz Nest Hotel


After close to 20 years of operation, the existing electrically heated hot water boilers were replaced. A modern, energy efficient system supplied by Stiebel Eltron was installed. The system comprises of the following:

2x heat pumps
5x 1000L hot water tanks (with electrical backup)
1x Control panel with remote monitoring and SMS alarm functionality.
2x booster pumps to feed the hotel with water during times when municipal supply is shut off

The installation has been achieved in a 3 week period. All works have been carried out with minimal interruptions to the hot water supply to the hotel. Remote monitoring of the plant in included to assist the client with possible troubleshooting, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to Lüderitz. SMS communication allows the quick reaction times of hotel maintenance personnel to act in cases of municipal water loss.

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Installation of new Steam Boiler at Hartlief Windhoek



A 1.5t boiler was installed at the Hartlief factory to cater for the growing needs of steam. The project included:

  • Installation of new steam boiler next to the existing boiler
  • Modifications to HFO line to cater for new boiler
  • Commissioning

Over the past year's minor refurbishment, maintenance and upgrading projects where completed as well such as:

  • Installation of condensate pumps to reduce back pressure of equipment inside the factory
  • Raising current condensate storage tanks to increase head pressure for feed water pumps
  • Three monthly service of both steam boiler and yearly inspection with Ministry of Labor inspectors
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Farmers Meat Market Mariental goes green

Farmers Meat Market Mariental


Central Technical Supplies (Pty) Ltd. – Geiger Engineering (CTS) was approached by Farmers Meat Market Mariental to design, supply and install a solar water heating system with the aim to reduce the monthly diesel consumption as two diesel boilers are operated to heat water up to 82 deg. C for production purposes.

The water requirements of the abattoir are as follows:

  1. 2,000 liter/hour @ 45 C°
  2. 3,000 liter/hour @ 60 C°
  3. 500 liter/hour @ 82 C°

This adds up to a total daily water requirement at 60 deg. C of roughly 25,000 liter.

The system is design such as to preheat water from 18 deg. C to between 50 deg. C and 60 deg. C before supplying the diesel boiler system, thus reducing runtime and diesel consumption of the diesel boilers. A 20,000L stainless steel tank (non pressure tank) manufactured locally according to CTS design, acts as the buffer tank for the daily water requirement. A total of 120 flat plate collectors supplied by Solsquare Namibia with a total surface area of 300 m2 are connected by means of a 450kW Alfa Laval flat plate heat exchanger to the water tank.

A set of two Calpeda circulation pumps connected to Danfoss variable speed drives and a timer circuit guarantees at all times that the heat from the collectors is effectively transported to the water tank. Flow as well as temperature monitoring on all four ports of the heat exchanger make it possible to determine the instantaneous as well as accumulated kWh produced from the collector field.

Furthermore additional heating energy is obtained from the ammonia refrigeration plant. A heat exchanger is installed on the ammonia discharge side before the existing cooling towers to be able to heat the water during night time as well, as this is the time when the refrigeration plant runs at full capacity to cool down the newly slaughtered meat in the cold rooms. Again flow control and temperature monitoring on the hot water side of the heat exchanger accurately indicate heating energy obtained from the refrigeration plant.
A total of four pump sets have been installed and pumps are cycled on a 24 hour basis in automatic mode. Should at any given time a pump fail, the system can be switched to manual mode to be able to repair the pump without system down time and a resulting increase in diesel consumption.

All systems components are sized such as to allow for future heating capacity upgrades should it be required.

After a year of operation, the plant is performing better than expected and the client is able to safe nearly N$ 60,000 per month on diesel costs, bringing the payback period of the entire system down to below two years. This clearly shows that solar energy, be it for heating or for electricity production, surely is the way forward for a cleaner and greener future for generations to come. CTS is proud to be part of making Namibia and the world a better place for our grandchildren to live in.

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Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Gas Fired Water Heating System for Hilton Hotel Windhoek

Hilton Hotel Windhoek


CTS was awarded the tender to install a water heating system for the Hilton Hotel Windhoek.

The system was installed according to the following specifications:

•    2x 250kW gas fired hot water boiler

•    2x 6800 liter hot water storage tank (also known as calorifier)

•    1x Danfoss Aqua drive 11kW for glycol circulation pump control

•    2x Automatic bypass valves to control water temperature inside tank

•    4x Hot water circulation pumps

The boilers as well as glycol circulation pumps and one hot water storage tank were installed in the boiler room located in the upper basement of the hotel. The second hot water storage tank is installed on the 9th floor of the Hilton Hotel. A glycol circulation system connects the two calorifier with the two gas fired hot water boilers. The glycol circulation pumps are controlled from one Danfoss Aqua drive with cascading functionality to control the pumping speed depending on the temperature in the glycol line.

Each hot water boiler is cycled on a 24 hour basis, should the glycol temperature fall below a predetermined threshold for certain period of time the second boiler will start automatically.

Automatic bypass valves guarantee that the water temperature of each calorifier is kept at a constant 60 – 65 degrees Celsius.

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