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Automation has become part of everyday life and is a pivotal part of the industry. With our product range from international suppliers, we do have a solution for your requirements be it Enclosures, Switchgear, Protection, monitoring or cabling.

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Boilers of various sizes are commonly found in the “Food and Bev” industry for the generation of hot water or steam. We offer full turnkey solutions with minimal hassles to the client. Our product range of boilers and accessories are of highest quality.

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Water is in abundance on earth, about 2/3 of the planet is covered by it. Freshwater however is becoming more and more scarce. With Alfa Laval’s freshwater generation systems this problem can be overcome relatively simple. Be it for small, medium or large ships, or even land based, a solution for your requirements is available.

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Hygiene is a must in the hospitality industry as well as hospitals. Without the proper laundry equipment this cannot be guaranteed.

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Troubleshooting without proper test equipment becomes like a search for the needle in a hay stack. With our wide range of various test equipment, troubleshooting is done with ease and in no time.

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To prevent the spread of diseases, medical waste needs to be disposed of in the correct manner.

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To reduce downtime and protect personnel, monitoring of processes and environmental conditions becomes more and more important.

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Oil Filtration

Lubrication oils are a consumable item which add a high operating cost factor to machinery.

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Without electrical power the modern world stands still. Electricity is the driving factor behind all developments.

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Without pumps, everyday life as we know it would not be possible.

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Health and Safety is a crucial part in many industries, be it petroleum, mining or construction. Workers are made aware of danger by optical or acoustical signals.

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Solar Energy is a source of abundant energy that is available free of charge on a daily basis. We just need to harvest it. Our solutions are guaranteed to be hassle free, low on maintenance and with a long life-expectancy.

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Any prototyping requires considerable amount of manual work of which soldering is one. Quickly attaching a cable to a test board requires soldering. Soldering stations form an integral part of each electrical/electronic workshop or laboratory.

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Climate change cannot be ignored anymore. With our list of international reputable manufactures, we are able to supply you with a meteorological monitoring solution tailormade to your requirements, be it for the agricultural sector, aviation, mining or meteorological sector.

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