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Numerous Autoclaves have been installed across Namibia, from north to south and east to west.

Autoclaves Projects

Installation of 26 Autoclaves Country Wide

Ministry of Health and Social Services


CTS was awarded four tenders in 2015, to supply, deliver to site, install, test and commission of autoclaves throughout Namibia.

In addition to the 160L Steri Tech autoclaves, water softeners were installed to increase the life span of each unit and reduce overall maintenance cost.

A number of installation teams worked hard to complete the project within the stringent timeframe set by the client. Each site came with its own challenges such as:

  1. Removing of existing units that were beyond repair
  2. Low supply water pressure
  3. Space limitations where the new units were to be installed
  4. Breaking out of walls to fit new autoclave
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Supply, Delivery and Installation of 2 Autoclaves and an Effluent Treatment System for Central Veterinary Laboratories

Ministry of Agriculture


CTS ensures that your system is designed for your requirements.  With our years of experience, we not only install, but also service and maintain the equipment today, and in the years to come.

With our extensive knowledge in sterilization and infection control, CTS installed suitable autoclaves with BSL3 seals.  In addition to the autoclaves, an effluent treatment system was also installed.  This system collects the effluent from the autoclaves, sinks and wash basins, and collects it in one tank.  Once a certain level has been reached, a second tank will collect the effluent, while sterilization begins in the first tank.  In this way, collection of the effluent is not delayed whilst sterilization is being performed in one of the tanks.  Through this system, the highest level of decontamination is achieved, ensuring a safe environment.

CVL is classified as a BSL 3 laboratory.  BSL 3 means a biosafety level of 3.  This is a level of bio-containment precautions, required to isolate dangerous agents, which may cause serious diseases.  This includes various bacteria, viruses and parasites.  CVL required autoclaves with a BSL3 seal approval, as well as an effluent treatment system, to decontaminate a wide range of aqueous liquids.

CTS was awarded the tender to supply, deliver to site, installation, testing and commission of two autoclaves and an effluent treatment system for CVL.

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