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Automation has become part of everyday life and is a pivotal part of the industry. With our product range from international suppliers, we do have a solution for your requirements be it Enclosures, Switchgear, Protection, monitoring or cabling.

Automation Categories


Enclosures protect sensitive equipment against damage and the environment. With our range of enclosures we do have a solution for every condition.

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Flow Sensing

Monitoring, dosing or measuring of fluids require the installation of flow meter. Various sensors with a variety of specifications are available for a diverse field of applications.

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Fluid Control

Fluids and gases to need to be controlled in any process environment, for this we do have a solution ready.

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Heat Control

Many processes in industry are endothermic, requiring the input of heat. This is typically achieved by making use of heating elements.

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Industrial Automation

Automation is key in running process plants effectively and efficiently. With high quality products from world renowned manufactures, your plant will run hassle free.

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Level & Pressure Measurement

Pressure and level feedback are a must to guarantee optimal work conditions and a safe working environment.

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We supply the Namibian industry with state-of-the-art pneumatic actuators which are superior to any other brand on power, cost, efficiency and weight.

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Accurate and efficient process control require feedback to the controlling unit. This is achieved by state-of-the-art Positioners from ABB.

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Sensors and Switches

Positions of equipment, be it rotational or horizontal, position feedback is crucial for any equipment under control. With our diverse range of sensors and switches, positions of equipment or items are traceable and controller during the entire process.

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Switchgear is crucial in any electrical installation. Without switchgear, electrical installation become a safety hazard. Our wide range of products are ideally suited for the Namibian environment conditions.

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