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CTS can supply autoclaves that cover a wide range of applications for laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical, food, medical and biotechnological industries. The flexibility of design enables these autoclaves to be built to suit a wide variety of specifications and requirements from users who demand the best solution to meet their needs. A number of options provide the user with the choice of chamber size, door configurations, vacuum systems, steam generation, sterilizing cycles, recording systems, loading equipment and accessories.

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    Sterilization in laboratory and hospital environments has its unique requirement. Choosing the right steam sterilizer depends on several considerations: load diversity, frequency of use, available services and load volumes.

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    Incinerators form part of a waste treatment process as hazardous waste is incinerated (combustion of organic material under high temperatures), converting the material into ash, exhaust gases and heat. Infections germs are destroyed and chemical substances converted to their base elements (drugs are destroyed).

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    Waste Converter

    An alternative form to incineration is waste conversion. Any form of waste is shredded beyond recognition and then sterilized under pressure with steam. Germs, bacteria and viruses are destroyed.

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    Without proper disinfecting of medical instruments diseases can spread rapidly form patient to patient in hospitals. It is thus of utmost importance that all medical instruments are 100% germ free.

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