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Meteorological Stations

Meteorological stations do need to adhere to World Meteorological Organization standards for the data to be able to be used in weather prediction models.  Our stations are installed in no time as well as being space saving during transport to remote sites.

 All environmental conditions important in the meteorological field are monitored, depending on client requirements. The data is transmitted to remote data collection platforms in a number of different options:

  1. GSM network (if available)
  2. Satellite links
  3. LAN/WLAN connection to client’s network
  4. Manual periodic download.

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Aviation Weather Stations

CTS is the official Vaisala representative in Namibia, with trained technicians to supply, install and maintain aviation meteorological systems.

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Technologies have become an essential part of modern life, be it in the industry, at home and now even in your field on the farm. With a continues increase in competitiveness, the farmer continuously needs to analyze and adopt his operation to cut costs, optimize processes as well as increase yield output, this is known as precision farming.

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Meteorological Stations

A well maintained network of meteorological stations are the based for all weather forecast models. Without reliable data from the ground, modeling becomes guesswork. We supply state of the art weather stations that do meet the stringent WMO requirements.

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